Wednesday, December 30, 2009

~2009 ends with all d happiness~

~31st Dec 2009, Thursday~

Despite all the mess towards the year ends..
banyak juga kemanisan disebaliknya...
Alhamdulillah sepanjang 2009 kami lalui dgn penuh kenangan indah..

~ may 30 - babe 3rd bday celebration in Regency Resort, PD ~ june - our 6th yr wedding anniversary - daddy bought for mummy new SLK ~ july - mummy pregnant!!! ~ august - confirmed mummy carry a twin baby ~ sept - confirmed our twin 1 boy & 1 girl ~ oct 15 - mummy 29th bday - Rolex's watch from daddy! ~ nov 15 - daddy's tunaikan hajat..snt PIL to Mekkah ~ nov 22 - maid on leave for 2 weeks but at d end she turn up!!! - ths d biggest mess! ~ nov - daddy change SLK to GTR ~ dec - new maid coming in
~ dec 25 - its Daddy's 29th bday..mummy bought for daddy new belt fm LV:) ~ dec 26 - PIL selamat kembali dr menyempurnakan haji

we end up our 2009 with all the "syukur" kepadaNYA..

Monday, December 21, 2009

~long agenda~

~21st Dec 2009@monday~

its too long mummy hv no chance to update ths blog...
terlalu banyak agenda yg terjadi menyebabkan mummy tak berkesempatan
even nk jengah blog ni..
yang pasti punca utama..maid balik cuti & tak kembali!!!
lps ni mummy kena lebih berhati2 handle ths so call maid!mummy pun
malas nak ungkit semua..cuma mummy berdoa..maid yg ada sekarang yang
babe call "cik mis/bibik" akan lbh bertanggungjwb, setia & ikhlas...
since 22 nov til now mummy da tak g pretty time with babe before
d twin deliver:)

my pregnancy going to turn 29weeks..till now, my weight gain 5.2kg total up
58.2kg...& d gyne told me twin pregnancy will
end up to labor by 36-37weeks..mummy ada ms abt 8weeks utk prepare segala yg patut..
so far..preparation twin almost complete..mummy pun da start order my confinement
things and booking tukang urut..othrs then that semuanya alhamdulillah berjalan

~all those pictures was snap during our long agenda~
no more SLK..
and now replace wt new GTR

~umbai-lendu @ sea food~

~YES wt Ellysha~

~again for our twin~

~YES again~

~A nite in A'famosa Resort~

~lovely dinner@VS~

~babe, mummy & daddy effected wt eyes infection~

Monday, November 2, 2009

~therapy oh therapy~

~24th - 25th oct 2009, sat/sun~

we went to MV..
its also for a reason..
babe everyday keep asking when to buy little baby cloths...
and this is d first time we shopping for our coming little ones:)

~its babe choice!blue for lit boy & pink for lit girl~
ni je yg mummy larat nak shopping..3pairs sleeping suit for each lit babe:)
yang lain2 mummy belum prepare list..
at least babe puas hati daaa..pasni mummy&daddy tak yah jawab soalan
cepu emas tu lagi:)

~new toys again for babe fm toy'r us~
siap beli bottle barney lagi:)

its mummy timesss!
2sets of bracelet & chain fm Channel:)
but unfortunately d pink chain out of stock..
mummy da order fr next month shipping:)
its mummy pocket money tauuu
takut nak mintak daddy..huhuhuuu
tp terasa kepuasannyerrrrrr:)
ni shopping terakhir for the month of october 2009..heheheee!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009


~Prince Court - 19th October 2009, monday~

10.30am mummy having a follow up check up at Prince Court..
This time babe follow us..
Memang hajat mummy nak bawa babe sekali.
At least..she can join the scanning session..
Untuk apa???
untuk dia lebih rasa to become a big Sister:)
Pregnancy mummy almost 5months..
now my weight is 57.4kg!.. its 4.4kg increased within 5months!
Last month check up was before Raya.
That time pun d gyne da indicate d chances to have 1boy & 1girl is high...
tp mummy masih ragu2..and tak percaya selagi mummy tak nampak jelas myTwin!
this time we really can see them!
the boy is d most active!
br touch skt da show off bird dia:)
and the girl facing to usssss..
masa tu hati mummy benar2 berbunga..
mummy terlalu syukur dgn pemberianNYA..
Daddy..tersenyum sampai telinga:)
Doa mummy..agar our twin lahir dgn sempurna & perjalanan mummy
another 4months serta hari2 mummy mendidik anak2 tersayang
dipermudahkan olehNYA...

Monday, October 19, 2009

~Thistle Hotels & Resort, Port Dickson~

Check in:
17th October 2009, saturday
Check out:
18th October 2009, sunday

Oleh kerana Daddy terlalu busy..
so we decided to have a short vacation..
itupun..last minit booking:)
thanks again Dear.. for this trip!
yuppp..merangkap vacation for mummy's birthday:)
of course babe la yg the most happierrr!!!

our dinner time..

a moment after breakfast..

oleh kerana tak dapat nk swimming she requested to play in the Kids Room:)

sempat lagi main kat PlayGround!

~aiman 5th bday @ GROupbase Rest, Sri Damansara~

~16th October 2009, fday~

untuk tak menghampakan bibi (our ex-Poly friend) we all rushing gak ke
Sri Damansara petang fday tu..
mmg she celebrate her first son bday party among the family members je..
so our family & shazi's family was invited..
we left d party around 9.45pm..
thks bie..for inviting us:)

its babe with sis Syaza..(shazi daughter)
nampak sebaya je walaupun syaza is 4!:)