Tuesday, October 20, 2009


~Prince Court - 19th October 2009, monday~

10.30am mummy having a follow up check up at Prince Court..
This time babe follow us..
Memang hajat mummy nak bawa babe sekali.
At least..she can join the scanning session..
Untuk apa???
untuk dia lebih rasa to become a big Sister:)
Pregnancy mummy almost 5months..
now my weight is 57.4kg!.. its 4.4kg increased within 5months!
Last month check up was before Raya.
That time pun d gyne da indicate d chances to have 1boy & 1girl is high...
tp mummy masih ragu2..and tak percaya selagi mummy tak nampak jelas myTwin!
this time we really can see them!
the boy is d most active!
br touch skt da show off bird dia:)
and the girl facing to usssss..
masa tu hati mummy benar2 berbunga..
mummy terlalu syukur dgn pemberianNYA..
Daddy..tersenyum sampai telinga:)
Doa mummy..agar our twin lahir dgn sempurna & perjalanan mummy
another 4months serta hari2 mummy mendidik anak2 tersayang
dipermudahkan olehNYA...

Monday, October 19, 2009

~Thistle Hotels & Resort, Port Dickson~

Check in:
17th October 2009, saturday
Check out:
18th October 2009, sunday

Oleh kerana Daddy terlalu busy..
so we decided to have a short vacation..
itupun..last minit booking:)
thanks again Dear.. for this trip!
yuppp..merangkap vacation for mummy's birthday:)
of course babe la yg the most happierrr!!!

our dinner time..

a moment after breakfast..

oleh kerana tak dapat nk swimming lagi..so she requested to play in the Kids Room:)

sempat lagi main kat PlayGround!

~aiman 5th bday @ GROupbase Rest, Sri Damansara~

~16th October 2009, fday~

untuk tak menghampakan bibi (our ex-Poly friend) we all rushing gak ke
Sri Damansara petang fday tu..
mmg she celebrate her first son bday party among the family members je..
so our family & shazi's family was invited..
we left d party around 9.45pm..
thks bie..for inviting us:)

its babe with sis Syaza..(shazi daughter)
nampak sebaya je walaupun syaza is 4!:)

Friday, October 16, 2009

~pictures of my first day of d age 29!~

16th October 2009, friday
~pelik tapi benar~

apa yang pelik???
pelik sebab tiba2 mummy suka nk bergambar..
sejak dua menjak ni mcm suka lak tgk muka chubby mummy yg
tgh preggy almost 5months..
apapun..saje je mummy nak tayang RoleX pemberian Daddy tu;)

terharu lagi...
staff2 office ni nak gak mummy potong cake..
btw no mummy pict for this!
thks to all my staff:)

~memang betul2 pelik kannn..

mummy againnnnn! on my 19weeks of pregnancy:)~

Thursday, October 15, 2009

~on my 29th birthday~

~15th Oct. 2009/Thursday~

My 29th birthday present from myLovely Husband...
As usual..
I have no words to describe how much I LOVE YOU
how i appreciate your presence in my life..
I'AM PROUD to be your WIFE and MUMMY for our lovelyKids!

Daddy & Babe sabar menunggu..
Duit hantaran mummy kawin pun tak sebanyak ni nilainya...
Deep in me..
mummy rasa terharu dengan keikhlasan Daddy...

~its mummy on my birthday~

~babe with her sweet smile~

~a moment before leaving our house~

to be continued to this coming weekends...
~Thistle Port Dickson Resort~

~one sweet nite~

~14th oct 2009/wednesday~
another sweet nite..
a few hours before my birthday:)
we had a lovely dinner at Thai Restaurant (adusss ms ni lak lupa nama rest ni)
I truely LOVE you sayang!

~simple yet memorable...~

~our lovely girl~

~sweet Aidilfitri 2009~

::aidilfitri cards & money packs::
walaupun aidilfitri yang bakal berlalu agak suram..tp mummy happy
sgt coz dpt kirimkan card pengganti diri ni pada
all d special person in my life:)
haaaaa..rugi tau tis year to my friends yg tak bw anak2 beraya kat rumahhh..
handmade tu 'ang pow' raya tahun niii:)

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

~our happy sunday in Pavillion~

~4th Oct 2009, sunday~

we had our leisure time at home..
mummy called McD for our breakfast:)
around 4.00pm we all decided to have a fresh air in town..

hahahaaaa..ada ke kat town fresh airrr???

we are in Pavillion!
a moment we arrived we had our lunch at Carl's Jnr!

~upppsss!its our lovely daughter..
sempat posing while waiting mummy&daddy to get ready before leaving the house~

~u are too smart sayang!.. Daddy teach her once and now she's expert in converting her pict into a frame~

~in Dunhill's boutique~

~while waiting Daddy to pay..she requested a cheese cake in Popular's Cafe!~

~in Rolex's boutique~
Daddy offer mummy to have a new watch fm Rolex for my 29th bday present!

i have another request in mind...;)

at the end..
we left Pavillion around 9.00pm..

only babe shopping for her new books & toys!
we had such a really gud time together..
wait and see...
i have to think carefully..hahahaaaaaa!
before heading to our house..
we had a lovely dinner at Thai Seafood Rest in Ampang..
arrived home at 11.00pm:)

Thursday, October 1, 2009

~salam Aidilfitri~

~Aidilfitri 2009~

Tak ada apa yang menarik sepanjang sambutan Aidilfitri di Pontian..
Fday 18th sept, we left our house at 8.30pm..
Babe the most happier thru out d journey!
arhhh malam tu tidur kami beralaskan tilam angin fm Coleman!

~tak banyak pic fm moyang house:(adapun blurrr je~

~anak manja Daddy~

~cian Daddy pakai baju melayu lama:(~

~tengok arrr tu..berkepit je~

~2nd raya..yeyeeee!nak balik KL daaah~
opsss!at last singgah Melaka..
plan kami nak beraya kat Melaka tergendala..

Gara2 'ayah' kena kerja!!huhuhuuuuu..

so mlm tu kami tidur dgn lenanya ditilam empuk kat rumah:)

~baju kurung fm ibu!~
everyday babe nak pakai baju ni..
mood beraya masih panas agaknya..
siang..malam nak pakai bj ni gakkk...anak-anakkkk!

~she's too smart converted her pic into a frame!~

~uncle Zul's house~

~at home before changing to sleeping ware~
time to sleep sayang..its almost 11pm++!

the conclusion..
~this year NO open house..coz Daddy will be the most busier Dad after raya holiday!
(but our house is open concept..hehe)
~Raya 2009...toooo bored!
(but because of our daughter we are happier..)
~alhamdulillah walaupun Raya kami sederhana..
but we had achieved our Niat for

helping more people:)
the end!