Monday, November 2, 2009

~therapy oh therapy~

~24th - 25th oct 2009, sat/sun~

we went to MV..
its also for a reason..
babe everyday keep asking when to buy little baby cloths...
and this is d first time we shopping for our coming little ones:)

~its babe choice!blue for lit boy & pink for lit girl~
ni je yg mummy larat nak shopping..3pairs sleeping suit for each lit babe:)
yang lain2 mummy belum prepare list..
at least babe puas hati daaa..pasni mummy&daddy tak yah jawab soalan
cepu emas tu lagi:)

~new toys again for babe fm toy'r us~
siap beli bottle barney lagi:)

its mummy timesss!
2sets of bracelet & chain fm Channel:)
but unfortunately d pink chain out of stock..
mummy da order fr next month shipping:)
its mummy pocket money tauuu
takut nak mintak daddy..huhuhuuu
tp terasa kepuasannyerrrrrr:)
ni shopping terakhir for the month of october 2009..heheheee!