Thursday, February 4, 2010

~our sweet holiday in Hard Rock, Penang @ 31st jan - 1st feb 2010~

~short vacation before mummy go to labor~

31st jan~sunday..

Daddy just came back fm Larian Satu M'sia..
its around 2.30pm..
As usual babe request to go shopping..
out of suddent,
Daddy want mummy to packs things & bring us for short vacation
at Hard Rock Hotel in Penang:)
tak ingat tuuu..
tp walaupun da disaat2 akhir mummy masih aktif & cergas..
yuppp..mummy pregnancy almost 35weeks:)!
4.00pm we all left our house...
babe was so behave thru out the journey wt bibik..
abt 3hrs we arrived Penang!
its such a sweet short holiday..
thks a lot Dad!


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